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For homeowners who’d like to add plenty of ventilation and natural light without taking up much wall space, we often recommend awning or hopper windows. These windows are similar in their general shape but serve different uses:

  • Awning windows open outward from the top and make a nice complement to large stationary windows.
  • Hopper windows open inward from the bottom and are perfect for basements, utility closets, or other space-limited rooms.

Tired of Boring Windows? Replace Your Windows With a Bay or Bow Design

Also sharing a similar style, bay and bow windows are the perfect choice for those who want something a little more dazzling than a standard window replacement. Crafted from three to six angled glass panes, these windows expand your interior space while also adding a striking visual element to your home’s exterior. For a tailor-made look inside and out, customize your bow or bay windows with the help of our talented design staff!

Let Your Flowers Flourish in a Greenhouse-Inspired Garden Window

Want to add a bit of greenery when you replace your windows? By choosing a garden window that allows in plenty of vibrant sunshine, you’ll have the perfect nook to grow flowers, herbs, or other plants. Like every window replacement we offer, our garden windows boast a number of innovative and energy-saving features:

  • Multiple panes of coated glass
  • Advanced weatherstripping
  • Exclusive warm edge spacers
  • And much more!

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