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Exterior Painting


Exterior Painting We do Flat paint. A flat paint has a non-reflective finish that will feel slightly chalky and rough when you run your hand across it. The finish is quite velvety in appearance, and is initially very attractive, since the lack of reflectiveness hides bumps and gouges. It provides a very contemporary and modern look. However, just as it true on indoor surfaces, flat paints really cannot be washed at all. Cleaning flat-paint surfaces is like trying to wipe down a chalkboard with a dry rag—it smears but does not really come clean. You can scrub flat finish with TSP or water pressure washer, but often the best solution is to lay down another coat of paint. You can expect to repaint more often if you use flat paint.

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Pros of flat paint for exterior surfaces:

  • No overlap marks. Whether brushed or rolled, the paint hides lap marks very well.
  • Modern, contemporary look when the paint is new.
  • Hides flaws in the siding surface.

Cons of flat paint for exterior surfaces:

  • Very difficult, if not impossible to scrub clean.
  • Surface may become chalky due to weather, requiring more frequent repainting.

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