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Have you ever thought about what it’d be like if that old deck you have attached to your place could turn into a stunning outside living space? The very first thing
you want to take a look at is the condition of the wood. Ensure that all of the boards are still solid and do not have any rot in them. Even a board that might look
solid on the top
maybe rotted beneath so take extra cares when checking them over. Replace any rotted boards with new ones and do not be too concerned about the difference in color
it’ll all match when we are finished. The following step is to get a cleaner or deck repairer for your deck. This is where you will need the service of a professional.
There’s nothing quite like the authentic, natural look and feel of exterior wood surfaces. However, unlike many manufactured materials, they can require more care
and maintenance to keep them looking beautiful. But choosing precisely the right wood finish has been a complicated task.
Deck Wonders was created to change all that. Located in Gaithersburg MD, A leading innovator in the Deck restoration system, Deck Wonders offers a full spectrum
of beautiful finishes all neatly and logically organized into easy-to-understand categories.
From clear finishes that protect the wood while maintaining its most natural look to more dramatic, solid color stains, Deck Wonders offers whatever look you want…as
well as the protection to Weather Whatever.

So, why should you choose Deck Wonders?
Decks, fences, stairs, gazebos, storage barns, playsets… Deck Wonders can restore and protect virtually any exterior wood surface. But it doesn’t end there. We
offer specialized pressure cleaning and sealing systems for bricks and paver stones, concrete, tile and grout… even cedar log and vinyl homes… and Home
Improvement Services roof, siding, gutters, tile installation, hardwood floor installation, deck build and more

• More than 20,000 jobs completed
• Insured
• Senior discounts
• Only deck maintenance company in Gaithersburg MD with Superior Service Award
• If you’re not happy, we’re not done

It is aligned with our commitment to advanced industrial products, solutions, and support. It also creates the opportunity to strengthen our portfolio of
targeted sub-brands; for example, Deck Wonders. The sub-brand continues in conjunction with our architectural products and retail business.
The continuity in the trees speaks to the fact that while we are innovating and focusing on the future, the core values
of our family business remain unchanged.


Deck Wonders was established in Gaithersburg MD. Our customers include distributors, contractors, and equipment manufacturers regionally, and nationally.

Deck Wonders is a unique company and a family-owned and operated the business with a focus on being the “Leader in Exterior
Wood Restoration” headquartered in Gaithersburg MD. At Deck Wonders, we recognize the challenge for homeowners,
property owners, and property managers when attempting to locate a contractor or company to restore professionally. Repair, and maintain their wood
structure. We recognize that Wood-Sided Homes, Log Homes, Decks, etc. are large investments to build and it is difficult to find a professional company
that offers quality future care. This is where Deck Wonders comes in. We will be the only company you will need once the structure is built. We offer a
discounted future maintenance program to extend the life of the structure and keep your wood surfaces looking beautiful for many years into the
future. Deck Wonders provides restoration of ALL of your exterior wood surfaces. This list includes All Types of Wood-Sided Homes, Deck Resurface, Deck Stain,
Deck Clean, Fence Clean, Fence Stain, Interior-Exterior Painting, Ceramic and Hardwood floor installation, interior – exterior
molding Repair and Installation and more. Additional Home Improvement Services we offer

Employees of Deck Wonders go through an extensive training program and are certified through the Deck Wonders system.
Deck Wonders has been among the top deck contractors in Gaithersburg MD.
It’s important for us to do our part to make this town
beautiful. Now we enjoy giving back to the community by offering quality fence and deck services to our own neighbors. We offer deck and fence installation
services to fit most budgets and strive for customer service excellence. We appreciate you coming to our website and we hope that we are your first choice when
bringing your investments “BACK TO LIFE.”

We can build your custom deck and railing system anywhere in MD. We offer free bids for custom decks with no-haggle pricing with a full line of natural and
composite decking and handrail materials while providing the customer service that you deserve. Don’t trust just anyone to build your dream.
Deck Wonders is the ultimate best for your deck services – give us a call to schedule your bid today at 877-577-0780
(Ask about adding an under deck ceiling, custom lighting, stone/masonry work and a decorative stamped concrete patio to your project!)

The Deckwonders team is ready and waiting to take on your Home Improvement project, no matter how big or small, with ease and efficiency.

We look forward to working with you – contact us today and let’s schedule your Home Improvement Project!

Make your deck at Deck Wonders. Deck Wonders, The Right Deck at The Right Price


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