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Deck Refacing


An old deck that might not be in the best condition is not always worth tearing down. Old materials might not be to your liking, and it might not be precisely what you want. However, our decking professionals can breathe new life into an Deck Refacing and turn it into something spectacular. Our experts can reface your deck to make it look brand new. We can add a railing, change your existing railing into something more modern, and we can even add planters and other features to help make your deck look even better than it did when it was first built.

Once you call us to discuss the refacing concept, we send our team of experts out to take a look at your existing deck. Once we take measurements and see what it is you want and what it is you are looking for, we are capable of providing you with a blueprint, materials and an estimate. Our professionals can tell whether or not a deck needs minimal work and just a new face, or if it might need a bit of structural work to make sure it is safe for your family.

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Additionally, we also offer our customers a full-service package. We not only come out and consult and reface your existing deck, we also clean up when we are finished so that we leave your deck looking brand new and your yard looking as if no one has ever been there. At The Deck Wonders, we value our customers and their satisfaction with our work.

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